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​​MickeyDE   Acoustics

​This is a new build I just finished.

This is a 2a3 single end amplifier. 

All top quality parts used.

Completely point to point silver wired,

- Premium capacitors ,first stage ASC  X386s oil capacitor , Solen , dubilier oil .Russian Pio capacitors used in all the various stages,

-Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors, - ceramic/porcelain  sockets.

- Hashimoto outputs and NEC (Japan) Vintage smoothing choke.

- The base is made of 16mm Birch ply covered with 1/4"  solid Indian jet black Ebony with maple inserts.

- Linseed oil hand rubbed finish or Amber varnish (if required Extra cost ).

- All premium tubes RCA 2a3 Jan VT-95 NOS  output tubes.

- Brimar  Rectifier (5V4G ,Cv1863/5Z4G)

- Input driver tubes in this package are 6SN7, RCA,Raytheon, NEC .

- I Can provide upgrades for the 6sn7 tubes with CV181, CV1988 or Kenrad,Sylvania VT-231 at extra cost.

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