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Vitavox Type Ddrivers SOLD

Western Electric 275A NOS - SOLD

Kalee 379 HF unit Sold

RCA VT-50 triode tubes NOS - SOLD

Hartley MS 220 Full Range - SOLD

RCA, GEC VT-4C tubes NOS -  SOLD

Westrex , Mcintosh A116a amps pair - SOLD


Western Electric KS12025 horn - SOLD

Fairchild Perspecta system NOS - SOLD

Rare Toho T-2401 tonearm - SOLD

Pamphonic REproducers England 18" field coil SOLD

Western Electric 555 driver Early serial - SOLD

Siemens C3m tubes NOS - SOLD

Westrex,Western Electric 2090 - SOLD.

In the next few pages you will find lots of photos of Vintage audio equipment which has passed through my hands through the years. All this equipment is now in the homes of audio collectors all over the world.There are many more items ,that will keep coming up in this sold section as and when I get the time to upload stuff.

Klangfilm KLL303 drivers NOS - SOLD

Fairchild Power supply NOS - SOLD

Western Electric TA-4181a field coil 18" SOLD

Telefunken RGN2504 mesh plate  - SOLD

Westrex Acoustilense 20/30 - SOLD

Rogers LS3/5a matched pair Mint - SOLD.

GE Tungar 189048 for WEstern Electric 

RCA Mi-1428B Field coil Sold

Tesla EL34 amplifiers - SOLD

RCA MI-9444 field coil speakers 15"  SOLD

Vitavox GP1 pair - SOLD

Parmeko Oil filled outputs KT66 - SOLD

Klangfilm KIL408 output transformers - SOLD

Western Electric , Westrex crossover 2080 drivers - SOLD

Jensen L-18 Field coil 18"   SOLD.

Altec Perless mic pre amps - SOLD

Lansing 285 LU-1011 IPC field coil SOLD

Western Electric Fader -  SOLD

Western Electric, STC mesh plate 310A - SOLD

Sylvania 10Y tubes NOS - SOLD

Telefunken RGN2504 Mesh plate 

Jensen V-18 field coil SOLD

BTH 18" field coil speaker - SOLD

Tannoy Monitor Red 15" pair  SOLD

Lansing 1504 horn 15 cell - Sold

Sylvania VT-25A triodes - SOLD

Westren Electric, Jensen 3 way crossover - SOLD

Klangfilm KLL405 pair - Sold

Altec RWB A255 amplifier - SOLD

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