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RCA BA11A microphone Pre amps

Shure brothers Ribbon microphone model 300 # 1

RCA BX44 MI-3027E microphone

Reslo Dynamic  microphone 

​STC 4033A microphone

RCA 44BX microphone # 2  - SOLD

STC microphone 4035 # 1

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2A3 single ended amplifier

Shure model 300 microphone #1

STC microphone

RCA 44BX microphone SOLD

Shure model 300 microphone # 2

STC microphone model 4021 # 2

​RCA KU2A microphone

Neumann TLM170i  microphone SOLD

AKG C414EB microphone  SOLD

Various  microphones

Tamura Line input to 10K transformers

​Neumann U89i microphone mid 1980's -  Sold

RCA KU3A  microphones

RCA BK5B microphone - ​SOLD

Klangfilm EuronorJr,Eurodyn Crossover KLZ433 - SOLD

​Sennheiser MD421N

Various Rectifiers EZ81, EZ90, 6X4,CV4005,CV493

RCA 77a microphone MI-3025 early 1930's very rare

RCA DX77 microphone

STC microphone 4035 # 3

Tamura phono stage input transformers TR810

STC 4021 microphone # 1

RCA 3027-G BX44 microphone

RCA KU3A microphone

RCA 44a microphone 

Altec 639b microphone

Siemens Rotary switch C40315-M161-B226 NOS

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RCA KU2A microphone

STC microphone 4035 #2

RCA 44BX microphone

Painton faders .EMI, Abbey road 

Vintage NEC ribbon microphone

​​MickeyDE   Acoustics