​​MickeyDE   Acoustics

Vintage Reslo microphone - SOLD

Western Electric 24a horn - SOLD

Very rare TA-7396 baffle with Mirrophonic logo - SOLD

Rare Klangfilm KLV401a amplifiers - SOLD

Klangfilm KL AZ 038 pre amp rack - SOLD

Pair of RCA early faders for Mic pre - SOLD

RCA 1940's faders for 44bx and 77dx mics- SOLD.

Western Electric 87C amplifier - SOLD

Mickeyde Acoustics 12" field coil full range - SOLD

Vitavox K12/20 12" speaker - SOLD

Western Electric 31788A crossover - SOLD

RCA mi9443 field coil drivers. SOLD

Altec A126 rack and power supply - SOLD

Klangfilm KLZ433 crossover Eurodyn - SOLD

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Garrard 301 turntable and SME 3012 - SOLD

Neumann U87 condensermicrophone - SOLD

Altec 414 speakers lot 10pcs NOS - SOLD

RCA shearer horn MI-1465  for mi-1428,mi-1443 driver- SOLD

RCA Voltage amplifier for 44a microphone - SOLD

Philips 8" full range -  SOLD

RCA MI-1443 drivers Field coil Pair - SOLD

Vitavox Bitone 6200 speaker- SOLD

Klangfilm KIL405 drivers pair -  SOLD

RCA 77DX ribbon microphone - SOLD

Pair of Garrad 301 turntables - SOLD

RCA mi-1428 field coil driver - SOLD

Single Vitavox crossover CN232 - SOLD

Western Electric VT25a triode NOS - SOLD

SME 3009 series 3 tonearm - SOLD

Klangfilm V004 pre amplifiers - SOLD

RCA orthophonic pre amplifier -  SOLD

Klangfilm KLV010 pre amplifier- SOLD

Pair JS  Phono stage transformers 1.5ohms - 200K NOS -   SOLD

Tannoy Monitor Gold 15" pair - SOLD

Partridge phono input transformers Pair - SOLD

Jensen PLM15a speakers pair - SOLD

Western electric 713B driver -  SOLD

HMV 5B sound box for model 192,202 gramaphone NOS - SOLD

Vitavox GP1 HF drivers -  SOLD

Western Electric TA-7444a Mirrophonic crossover mint - SOLD