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​​MickeyDE   Acoustics

Western Electric A2 amplifier racks and R11 power supply.

Tube G.E.C CV4005 Radio tube

Lansing N-400A crossover from 1943 for 415 and 287 system

Gaumont Kalee GK21  SOLD

Altec 604 RWB n


Tube Mullard EZ81 Rectifier (NOS)

Lansing F-500A power supply for 415 and 287

Leak Stereo 20

Klangfilm Euronor Jr.

Western Electric 594A field coil drivers Mirrophonic system

Klangfilm KLV502 amplifier pair

Western Electric 18" /Jensen 18" /BTH 18" Cone (NOS)

Lansing 415,815 field coil speakers


Jensen Western Electric 13.5" field coil

Western Electric 713B,KS12025 and L-9 Crossover  SOLD

Tube Mullard GZ34 Fatbase (NOS)

Tube ECC83 /12AX7

Philips Copenhagen 1953 (MCA)

Tube ECC83 B.E.L (NOS)

Western Electric Mirro

phonic TA-7444A  SOLD

Various Multicell horns from Altec,Vitavox,Philips,RCA,Stephens etc..

RCA MI-4255 mono amplifier 845 tube

Western Electric 26A horn


Tube Mullard,Philips GZ34 (NOS)

QUAD 2 and QUAD 22 Pre (Pair)

Tannoy 15" (NOS)
- Monitor Silver 
- Early Monitor Red

Matched pair 15" Shearer

Lansing Manufacturing 15XS Field coil

Tube RCA 6V6GT

Siemens made by Telefunken EF804s tubes

Tube EL84 B.E.L (NOS)

Western Electric TA-4194-A
18" Field Coil

Brimar 5U4G U52 G.E.C Rectifier​  SOLD

Siemens Capacitors

Western Electric TA-4181A 

RCA Jan 2A3

Tube Sylvania GB 5670 (NOS)

Leak Stereo 20 and Variscope Pre

Tube E90CC Philips (pinchway)