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Pair Altec Lansing H805 horns, Tar filled used with 288 RWB drivers  late 1940 . Horns come with 30162 throat adapter.

 Price for pair is $2500 shipping extra.

Kindly contact me if there are any other horns you are looking for. I have RCA, Western Electric, Jensen, Altec Lansing, Klangfilm, Philips 15cell,Prevost , Cinemachanica, Vitavox etc.. 

Western Electric 24a horns Reproduction/. These horns are made exactly identical to the original horns. The weight the same and have the same dimensions as the original western Electric 24a horn.

​Contact for price $ 

Jensen XF-101F field coil compression driver. Like LU-1060 but, field coil.with Horn.

 Contact for price $

IPC LU-1001 horn for Jensen LU-1060 or XF-101. Will also fit Western Electric 555 driver.

The damage to horn. What you see is what you get. Price for horn $800 . Shipping extra.

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