Siemens Paper in Oil capacitors

HMV EMI  KT66 mono amp

Simplex,Peerless Input transformers NOS

Klangfilm KLL405 speakers SOLD

Siemens PIO capacitors 0.05uf/250V

Telefunken EF86 NOS pair

Jensen PLJ 18 speakers 


RCA 77


Siemens MKY 0.34uf/250V


ECL80 tubes

Gaumont Kalee 379 Units,

Lansing SOLD

Mullard GZ34 fat base Pair NOS

KT66 Tubes matched pairs NOS

Westrex, Mcintosh A26 amplifier 

Klangfilm KLZ433a crossover

Dublier PIO 8uf /350V - Sold

Lansing 287 field coil Pair


​Mullard fat base GZ#$ NOS

Edicron RFT matched pair EL34


RCA 2 Ch mixer


Altec Peerless mic pre input output transformers


Telefunken ELL80 NOS


speaker  SOLD

Altec A126 amplifier parts and extra TL217A output  SOLD

Siemens 5751,ecc83  3 mica tube

Telefunken VF14 for Neumann U47 mic

Western Electric VT-25A SOLD

VT-4C triodes


Siemens MK PIO 0.1uf 250V

BTH 18" speakers


Mullard EZ81 NOS pair

Western Electric TA-7444a


Telefunken ECL80 NOS

Westrex, Western Electric 2 track Recording system

Brimar 6X5GT tubes NOS

Siemens Klangfilm C70246-B560-A1  pair SOLD

​​MickeyDE   Acoustics

RCA 77A microphone very Rare 1930's

Leak Stereo

20 amp and pre Amplifiers

Online store for vintage audio & tube audio products

Klangfilm KLL401 field coil drivers SOLD

Westrex Triad Input transformers RA-1474 type

Brimar 2 mica and 3 mica 6060 tubes NOS

BTH loudspeaker crossover

RCA pre amps pre BA1a 1940

Vitavox S2 pair