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This listing is for a pair of Lansing Manufacturing Co. model 415 field coil speakers.These are the last version of the 415 speakers which had RWB labels.These were probably from 1942~43

 Kindly have a good look at the photos of the speakers. These speakers have been reconed with old stock 1960's Waldom cones thin light/stiff cones similar to the original cones.

Both speakers are tested and in good working condition. As you can see in the photos there is a lot of the paint stripped and peeling of.

 I have shown photos of the these speaker mounted in late 1960's Altec Lansing  612 utility cabinets . These speakers are offered with the original Altec 612. However, if the buyer wants I can sell just the 15" drivers.

One speakers have a voice coil reading of 3.4ohms and the other has a reading of 3.5ohms . The field coil of speaker 1 is 1594ohms and the other is 1645 ohm.

 Kindly contact for price $.