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​​MickeyDE   Acoustics

Western Electric mixer from 1940's . This mixer comes with the very rare RA1214a and RA1214D pre amps and the 18A Rectifier.

There are other parts and RET coils in this mixer. 


There are 3pcs 197a 

There are 2pcs D175873 input ( we618a type)

There are 3pcs 197a output transformers and 3pcs input transformers with D175876 shield. 

The 1214a pres will have a D175873 input which has 30ohms input similar to we618a

The 1214D pre will have input D176894 input transformer with 30ohms and 600ohms input.

All the input transformers are similar to the we618 type transformers but, with shiled on them.

 The Power supply is a 18A rectifier with 360E power transformer.

There are other units in the top panel.

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